The Good Care Group

Leman St
London, E1

6,000 sqft, 6 weeks

Consult and Design

The Good Care Group is the most-awarded live-in care provider.  It’s services enable people to continue to live comfortably in their own homes, for longer. Working closely with TGCG’s move team, our designer carried out detailed design workshops to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s brief and vision. Their old building made communication difficult. They wanted their organisation to move towards a more modern and collaborative way of working.

Manage and Build

TGCG’s main priority was to create a single floor plan that encouraged communication and collaboration, also reflecting the company’s culture, progression and status.  It was important, also, to accommodate their training and onboarding processes. Our team constructed a large open plan design with multifunctional furniture and spaces to ensure people could use the space together. The materials we used were clean and modern. We wanted to keep the space welcoming, bright and airy, yet maintain professionalism. We incorporated their positive messaging throughout the space on wall graphics and screens.

The New Space

The Good Care Group now occupies one floor of fresh, bright, open space that subtly supports the brand. A soft colour palette combined with wood floor finishes provides a warm, rustic element to the space whilst retaining the industrial feel of exposed services which was always a selling point of this building. Technology was also a focal point in this design, as video conferencing is used daily to conduct training, meetings and conferences.

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