Chrystal Capital

Grosvenor St
London, W1

2,500 sqft, 6 weeks

Consult and Design

Chrystal Capital is an entrepreneurial corporate finance and investment house with an established global network of Single Family Offices (SFOs), Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and private equity co-investment partners. The company acts as a conduit between their network members, providing bespoke solutions for their capital and investment objectives. With this in mind, it was imperative that their office was a pure reflection of their business needs and their clients aspirations.

Fundamentally to this project, we were able to help guide the client through the process of accessing finance for the fitout. This completely transformed their ability to achieve all of their desired outcomes.

Manage and Build

We had the benefit of knowing the building infrastructure well due to completing two other projects on floors within the building. This did not take away from some of the challenges faced as each project has their own unique features. Through some creative thinking from our designer, the client was able to obtain an additional meeting room which would normally have been lost to an internal staircase.

Further challenges included a very complex IT and AV requirement which needed specialist installation – all within the tight timeframe and building restrictions.

The New Space

Having been in a very large multi-tenanted building previously, the new location on the 2nd floor provides a much more boutique and high-end feel. The completed office has a separate partners quarters with a dedicated lounge/conference area. Ion entering the space, the clean lines and light colours allow a seamless flow between the front of house, meeting rooms and into the employee area towards the rear of the floor. An aspirational office that was seemingly out of reach is now home to Chrystal.

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