London, N10

5,000 sqft

Consult and Design

Ambitious about Autism is a UK national charity dedicated to improving opportunities for young people on the Autistic Spectrum, including those with autism or Asperger syndrome. Originally established in 1997 as the TreeHouse Trust, the charity was founded by a group of parents – including author Nick Hornby whose first child had been diagnosed with autism. Due to the nature of the specialist education and support provided, most of the refurbishment works undertaken by JT3 had to be outside of school hours.

Manage and Build

Care and attention was of the upmost importance when on site with this Charity. Initially, JT3 undertook the segregation of the part 4th floor at West Thames College to make a new space for AAA. Works were also undertaken to the existing atrium to improve the structure and safety. This included new toughened glazing. 8 classrooms were decorated throughout as well as the staffroom with the inclusion of a new tea point and a storage room with a racking system. All carpets were replaced with new durable tiles along with new blinds and white boards.

The New Space

The uplift in the space has been transformational for the staff and pupils. Getting the simple things right in this environment is key and this space has now become one which can help elevate the day to day experience of those who learn and work in the charity.
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